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Quiet Time in Joshua 22


SIN (verses 26-27): I do struggle at times with passing my faith to the next generation. It’s not that I’m struggling in my faith; it’s just that I often find it difficult to truly find ways to speak to them about my faith in a way that actually matters to them. If they don’t listen or understand I either get frustrated or just give up and don’t bother again. This is not how You were with me though, so why should I be any different with my kids? Please forgive me for my lack of confidence and understanding, Father. Help me to be better in passing things along to the next generation as Your people were trying to do in these verses.

PROMISE (verse 4): Several tribes of Your people were given a promise that they would not only be given an inheritance, but also given some rest. This promise was from You at the start of their decades-long journey out of Egypt into their promised land. When Joshua sent them back to their inheritance, he reminded them of the promise of rest from You. After all the battles they went through and all the travelling they did, I can only imagine how much of a relief it was to them to hear the promise fulfilled that they can now rest.

ATTITUDE (verses 2-3): These two verses are pretty powerful. Joshua is speaking to just a few tribes out of the whole of Your people. He is speaking to them about their obedience and loyalty to You throughout all of these difficult times. Not once did they waiver from You. Help me with having a likeminded attitude, Father. I have wavered from You many times throughout my life since coming to faith. I even wavered a bit this week in my consistency in my faith by not doing my quiet times daily. I’m not proud of this nor am I happy that I skipped so many days over the last week or so. I am getting back on track, but I am asking You to help direct me, Father. Help me to truly embrace an attitude of obedience and loyalty in my heart.

COMMAND (verse 5): Through Moses, You gave Your people several commands but really not too difficult to understand/follow. Joshua restated these commands just to ensure they remembered, even though their faithfulness, obedience, and loyalty proved that they did. You told them to love You, walk in Your ways, keep Your commands, remain faithful to You, and serve You with all that we are. Even though these commands are quite simple to understand, they are rather difficult to fully follow for a sinner like myself who gives into his own flesh and weaknesses more often than I’d like to admit. Help me to follow these commands properly, Father.

EXAMPLE (verses 21-27): The example You give in these verses is rather amazing. The spiritual leaders of Your people made an assumption based on the outward appearances of a few tribes of Your people building an altar. They assumed that these tribes were turning away from You by disobeying Your own command. When falsely accused, they didn’t get angry, tell lies, or try to divert blame elsewhere. They owned what they did fully, as they did establish the altar; however it was not established for the intent the spiritual leaders assumed. They established this altar simply as a reminder for future generations of the things God did for their people. The example here is how to respond in a situation where you are being falsely accused of something by some very powerful leaders. Your people said that if they are guilty of sinning then so be it, but then they proceeded to explain their reasoning and justification behind the building of the altar. After speaking the truth about their situation, cool heads prevailed and they were thankfully found to be innocent. How amazing is that testimony?!

*DAILY NOTE: Although I did struggle a bit to get my quiet time in today, I’m so glad I did. My wife and oldest son are heading back home after a long drive and the 4 kids left behind here with me have been arguing, fighting, and bickering non-stop since they’ve been gone. It has been stressing me out tremendously, but You have remained with me the entire time, trying to help me through all of this. Thank You, Father, for never leaving my side. Thank You for always being there for me. Please continue to help me regain a calm mind going forward so that I reflect my identity in Christ and not the person I once was. Thank You for today’s amazing quiet time, Father. I really needed this.



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