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Quiet Time in Joshua 23


SIN (verse 8): This verse speaks to me today for my sin confession. Here Joshua tells Your people to remain faithful to You, as they have done up to that day. I have struggled in my faith with remaining faithful to You, Father. I struggled a LOT more in the past than I do now, but I do still struggle with this. My faithfulness to You waivers as I begin to allow my flesh and the world to control my actions. Please forgive me for my weakness, disobedience, and lack of faithfulness to You, Father. Help me to be better and stronger in my faithfulness towards You not for myself, but for my family, especially my kids. I want them to know and witness what a godly, righteous man looks like in this world. I want them to know that although the world is corrupt, we do not have to give into the world’s way of living because You have already defeated the world. Help me be better, Father, for You and for my family.

PROMISE (verse 14): As Joshua departs, he gives Your people a reminder about promises which You make. He reminds them that none of the good promises from You have EVER failed and that all of Your good promises have been fulfilled. How amazing is this reminder about Your good promises? At the same time, I find it interesting that he specifies the good promises. Your “bad” promises are typically those that are contingent on things we do or don’t do and if we disobey You then something bad will happen. They aren’t always fulfilled, because oftentimes we heed Your warning so there is no need for fulfillment. The good promises are what Joshua speaks to here, however. Your promises of an inheritance to Your people and great peace as long as they are faithful is a powerful and amazing promise that was fulfilled!

ATTITUDE (verse 6): Joshua tells Your people here to be very strong and continue obeying You so that they do not turn away from You. Grant me an attitude of strength, Father. Strength in my faith, strength in resisting the world, strength in resisting my flesh. Help me to lean on You for strength when I am feeling weak. Help me to remember that by myself I am weak, but with You I am stronger than anything this world has in store for me. Help me to embrace the attitude of strength in You and through You fully into my heart and soul, Father, so that it never departs from me no matter the circumstances.

COMMAND (verse 6): In this verse is a clear command from You through Joshua. Joshua is telling Your people to be very strong and continue obeying You through the law of Moses, so that we do not depart from Your will for our lives. I have struggled with following this command frequently throughout my faith, Father. I am getting better at this as of late, but I do still have struggles. Thank You for always being there for me in my bad moments, but especially thank You for never departing from me even when things are going great for me. Help me to be better at obeying You, but also continue to remind me of the things I am to be obeying in each moment, Father.

EXAMPLE (verses 9-11): I really like the example Joshua used here when speaking to Your people about the reasons why for their faithfulness to You. He first tells them that You have driven out and defeated all the evil forces against them and will continue to do so. That they were empowered for far greater victories than they could have accomplished on their own many times over the course of the decades long travels. He then reminds them to stay diligent in their love for You not because You command them to do so but for their own well-being. It is for our benefit that we are to remain diligent in our love for You. I know it sounds a bit selfish, but at the same time it is a very true statement. Continue to work in me, Father, so that I remain diligent in my love for You in all that I am and all that I do in this life.

*DAILY NOTE: It feels great that I am getting back into the flow of a daily quiet time with You. Having Your word and life breathed into me first thing in the morning is a rejuvenating experience. I am sorry I missed so many days over the last week or so with so many people staying at my house. I will try my best to do better in the future so that I do not depart from my consistency in quiet times again, Father. Thank You for today’s quiet time in Joshua 23. Although Joshua’s years on this earth are coming to an end, You are still using him as a vessel for great messages to Your people. I do not know when my time will come, Father, but I pray that You would use me as a vessel for great encouragement and inspiration to others as well. Help me with my confidence in speaking to others, but also in my choice of words that I speak to others. Thank You for today’s great quiet time, Father!



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