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Quiet Time in Judges 10


SIN ( Judges 10:10 ): I read this verse and I think about the many times throughout my faith that I have put other “things” ahead of You. I’ve put money, women, games, alcohol, sex, partying, and so many other things ahead of You in this life at various times, Father. Just as the Israelites put other gods ahead of You, which angered You, I too have elevated these various things in my own life ahead of You, essentially making them gods/idols in my life. You have not called me to act this way in my faith. The greatest command is to love You first and foremost with all that I am, but how can I do that if I put anything else ahead of You? Forgive me for these sins, Father. Help me with my priorities in my life so that You are always the clear and obvious number 1 priority in my life.

PROMISE ( Judges 10:2-6 ): These verses paint a picture in my mind of a promise You are making to Your people. If the Israelites are faithful to You, then You promise them peace and protection. If they do what is evil in Your sight by worshiping other gods in this world, then this promise will not be fulfilled. I do feel a great peace in my life right now. I feel that You are lining things up so great for me when it comes to helping me get to military retirement, helping me to prepare properly for a great transition out, giving me an amazing job, restoring my family’s happiness and togetherness, as well as helping us to truly shift from an active duty military family to just a normal life as retired military. Thank You so much for this, Father. I pray that I do not suffer the same fate as the Israelites here as they were heinous in their actions towards You by turning their backs completely on You. Help me to keep my eyes, mind, and heart focused on You, Father.

ATTITUDE ( Judges 10:15-16 ): These two verses kind of lead me to a single attitude in my mind—action taker. You didn’t call us to just use empty words in our relationship with You. You called us to be action takers. Your people initially simply asked for forgiveness and protection after going deep into their sinful ways by turning their backs on You and worshipping the Baals. You didn’t give into the first cry from them. On the second one, however, it appears they were more serious in their commitment as they opted to take action on their convictions by truly getting rid of the foreign gods among them and beginning to worship You, again. They embraced an attitude of action in their lives this second time around crying out to You. Help me to properly embrace an attitude of action in my life, Father, so that I do not simply just cry out to You; rather, when I do cry out to You I then also proceed to what I feel the Holy Spirit is leading me to as the first step from You.

COMMAND ( Judges 10:13 ): Going ahead in the timeframe of scripture, I’m reminded by this verse of what Jesus tells us is the most important command—love your God with all your heart, mind, and soul. The Israelites forgot this command many times throughout history and scripture, unfortunately. Shoot, even I have forgotten this command many times since coming to faith. I’m not proud of it, but it is the truth. Here You speak to them directly stating: “you have abandoned Me and worshipped other gods; therefore, I will not deliver you again.” This must’ve hurt them deeply, which I’m guessing was the point. They broke the most important command of Yours and You wanted to make sure they knew it. Although they had stabbed themselves in the back, this statement from You essentially put salt within the wound to inflict even more severe pain to their hearts. It was needed, of course, but at the same time I wonder if the same has happened in my life. Have I just given You a complacent and empty cry out at times in the past? Don’t answer that, Father, as I already know I have. Help me to be better at following Your commands properly, Father, so that the wounds I’ve inflicted on myself over the years do not get salt from You unless absolutely needed for my growth, of course.

EXAMPLE ( Judges 10:10-16 ): It’s amazing how similar Your people back then are to Your people now; at least to me in my faith journey. They cried out to You for repentance, mercy, and protection at first. What did they get in return? You telling them that You will not deliver them from the bad times yet again due to them turning their backs on You yet again. What happened next I would probably say is true repentance. Not only did they cry out to You a second time, but it seems like You actually took them seriously this time. This time it seemed they were serious about their convictions and repentance because they took action steps that they were led to take by removing all of the foreign gods from amongst them. They took action steps by turning their focus back to You and worshipping You properly and solely, again. I’ve witnessed this in my own life as well. I’ve cried out to You before asking for Your grace and protection but received no response. It was until I was truly repentant that I finally received a response in some way from You. Thank You for this clear example, Father, of what true repentance actually looks like.

*DAILY NOTE: I think the moral to today’s quiet time is that in order to receive a positive response from You to our cries after self-inflicted wounds, we must have a spirit of true repentance by being willing to take the necessary action steps moving forward. If I am not willing to allow the Holy Spirit to guide my steps in a direction opposite of what brought me to repentance in the first place, then am I truly repenting or am I just hoping that You will do something for me without me doing anything? A relationship with You is a two-way street. I cannot expect You to always do things for me if I am never willing to do things for You. This includes changes in my life, loving You with all that I am, maturing in my faith, understanding Your great Word and Truth, as well as helping and loving others in whatever way You ask me to do. Thank You for such a deep quiet time today, Father. I am truly blessed by our conversations.



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