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Quiet Time in Judges 17


SIN ( Conviction ): So many convictions and weight on my heart today, Father. I feel ashamed that it’s been exactly one week since my last quiet time. Nothing but excuses as to why, so I won’t even bother with any of that because You know better. Please forgive me for this disobedience and inconsistency, Father. Additionally, I revealed a lot of what’s been weighing on my heart to my wife. Although it did feel great to have that weight lifted off my shoulders, at the same time I am terrified of what may ensue from that. My wife does not take criticism or complaints very well and I typically have issues voicing those in a manner that is acceptable to her without argument, so I typically just avoid it. I’ve been playing the avoidance game for the last couple of months and felt like I was going to explode if I didn’t release all of that more sooner than later, so I did. I feel convicted about this because I really should have leaned on my spiritual brothers more on the topic. I should have went to them for advice and encouragement from You. Please forgive me for trying to walk this spiritual journey alone yet again, Father. Continue to remind me that not only are You always there for me, but You also placed several spiritual brothers in my life to help me.

PROMISE ( Judges 17:10-13 ): Micah made a promise to a Levite stranger whom he just happen to come across near his property roaming to find a place to settle. Micah didn’t hesitate and immediately offered him shelter, provisions, and a salary if he would just become Micah’s personal priest. This Levite man agreed and Micah was good on his promise. From Micah’s perspective, he felt that he was doing a good thing for You, because he proceeded to say, “now I know that the Lord will be good to me, because a Levite has become my priest.” I’m not sure if this is because of some old tradition or knowledge he had or maybe out of selfishness, but I just found it a bit profound that he was say this concerning a Levite man.

ATTITUDE ( Judges 17:9-10 ): I know I have not been as cordial to strangers in my life as Micah was to this Levite stranger in these verses. I am friendly and inviting of most strangers, but sometimes I am just not in the mood or do not feel like they are a good person so I avoid them however I can in the moment. I know this is me being judgmental towards some strangers and that is not how You want me to behave. For all Micah knew in this verse, this Levite stranger could have murdered him and taken all of his silver as his own. Instead, Micah followed Your guidance to be accepting of others fully and both individuals reaped the rewards of such. Help me to change my judgmental attitude towards strangers, Father, so that I can become the friendly, out-going, and approachable man that I feel You want me to be.

COMMAND ( Judges 17:6 ): I found this to be an interesting verse. It reads, “in those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did whatever he wanted.” I guess Your people lose their way rather easily when there is not a physical person in this world leading them down the right path. How easily we forget that no king on this earth holds any reign over the fact that You are the King of kings! Although this verse may state that Israel had no king in the flesh, the command I see here is that I must remember that You are always my King no matter what happens on this earth. Even if chaos ensues and each person is “doing whatever he wants” I can still look to You as my King to provide wisdom, guidance, and authority for my spiritual journey in this life. Even if there were a physical king over top of me, You still reign supreme over me and them so why does it even matter who is there in the physical part of life? Shouldn’t I just be following Your Truth regardless of what’s happening around me?

EXAMPLE ( Judges 17:1-2, 10-13 ): I don’t know if Micah is trying to atone for some things he did prior to the timeline this scripture is at or not, but it sure seems like it in a sense. He took silver from his mom, but now he’s returning it. He sees a stranger walking alongside his property whom he takes in, provides shelter for, and pays a living salary for. He seems to be changing his ways for the good, although I would like to know what he was like before this part of the timeline. I can’t remember if it’s elsewhere in the Bible or not, but please point me in that direction when I am ready, Father.

*DAILY NOTE: It felt good to get into a quiet time again, Father. Although it has been a week and I am travelling this week, I know I needed this time with You pretty bad. I am struggling pretty extensively myself, but my wife is also struggling in her own ways. Her faith is diminishing for some reason, she’s drinking more often and more heavily, she sits in bed pretty much all day binging TV shows, sleep, or on TikTok, and she’s staying up later and later it seems. Help me to not only get myself right with You, Father, but to also help guide my wife better than I have been. I know I have been slacking quite a bit in my spiritual journey as of late, but I hope to get back on track. Thank You for today’s amazing words and conviction, but also for continuing to always be there for me.



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