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Quiet Time in Judges 18


SIN ( Judges 18:19 ): Micah’s priest, whom he had helped out prior to this chapter, was a Levite man. This Levite man had been approached by several Danites and told them his story. When they returned to him a while later, they returned in force with their army. Their intent was to kill, steal, and plunder of which Micah’s home was their first target for stealing and plundering. This Levite man was told by the Danites to keep his mouth shut and to come with them, which he decided to do so. I’m not sure if this was within Your will for him or not, but I do know that I have often kept my mouth shut when I know that You wanted me to speak up. Whether I did this in the moment out of fear, ignorance, or stupidity in the moment is like different for each occurrence. Please forgive me for this disobedience, Father. Forgive me for not listening to You in those moments when You have told me to speak up and I chose not to.

PROMISE ( Judges 18:6 ): This was a promise the Levite man appears to have made from You to the Danite’s. He promised them that they can go in peace and that You are watching over the journey they are going on. I do not know if this was actually from You or not as I am unsure how much of a righteous man he is at this point in the journey, but I do see this as a promise being made in this scripture, which ends up becoming fulfilled later on in the scripture.

ATTITUDE ( Judges 18:26 ): Micah’s attitude in this moment is one that I often fail to achieve. He was rightfully upset that his home had just been desecrated by the Danites and several items stolen from him, to include his priest. He approached the Danites after gathering several men from his neighbors likely with the intent to fight. The Danites quickly told him to not raise his voice and to go back home. He complied, realizing he was heavily out-numbered and likely would not succeed. How often have I dug my heals into an argument, realizing I had no way to win but continuing to argue anyways just because I could not admit to myself I had already lost? Please help me to be better at doing as Micah did here, Father. Help me to know when I should walk away versus when it’s Your intent for me to proceed.

COMMAND ( Judges 18:4-6 ): Regardless of our thoughts on who is asking the question, it is our duty to address any questions relating to You when asked. This Levite priest in these verses did just that. He was made a priest by Micah and likely learned quite a bit of Your truth over the time of being Micah’s priest. When approached by the Danites, he likely knew their intentions were not of the purest kind towards Micah, but regardless he was asked a question about You specifically and gave a response based on what he felt You wanted him to relay. The command here is that I should never hold back Your truth simply because of I do not agree with the intentions of the person asking. Instead, I should always be open and straightforward with Your truth.

EXAMPLE ( Judges 18:30-31 ): It appears that the Danites may be sanctioned in their acts in this chapter by You as they have taken in a successful war campaign thus far. Additionally, after they were successful, they built up a place dedicated to You and put the spiritual items they stole from Micah as the tribute to You in this “house of God.” This gives me an example in my mind that although some things may have been brought to our laps in a bad way, it’s what we do with those things now which determines Your blessings, not their history. If I had attained something in a bad way as the Danites attained the carved image plated in silver in remembrance of You and decided to just sell it to increase my riches then that is taking bad in and putting bad out. If I had instead taking the bad in but put out good like the Danites did by still using that carved image to glorify You in a “house of God” which they had built, then I am taking in bad, but using it for Your goodness. Help me to live more like this in my life, Father, so that I do not put out bad from something that I took in in a bad way. Help me to learn from history, but to take that history and use it for Your glory throughout all times.

*DAILY NOTE: This is an interesting chapter in scripture. I figured Micah would have been protected throughout all of this, which I guess in a sense he was. Although he did have some things taken from him, he was still healthy, wealth, and alive. Material objects come-and-go, but as long as I am alive and able then I still have what it takes to do good works for You. Thank You for today’s great lesson, Father. Help me to remember this lesson and apply it to my life, so that no matter what happens in my life I am always able to seek You throughout it all and then take what You have given me to glorify You.



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