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Quiet Time in Judges 19


SIN ( Judges 19:20-21 ): This old man came across a stranger and his workers in the town square as they seemed to be preparing to sleep there. They couldn’t find anybody willing to allow them to stay in their home, so they opted to just sleep in the town square. The old man heard their story and decided to bring them all into his home for the night. I do not feel like I am this open to strangers, Father. I am rather protective of myself, my family, and our things and I felt convicted in my heart about this because I likely would not have been as open to bring them into my home as this old man had done. Please forgive me for my hardened heart towards strangers, Father. I’m not sure if this will ever change in today’s world, but I know that if something is meant to be then You can and will change my heart to allow it to happen.

PROMISE ( Judges 19:20, 25 ): The old man made a promise to the Levite that he would bring them into their home and supply them with their needs as long as they do not sleep in the town square. It’s likely he knew what would happen to the Levite man if they had slept there. The old man was true to his word and brought them into his home for the night. Unfortunately, some drunk men from the town knew about this and wanted to be violent towards the Levite. The old man convinced them to take the Levite’s concubine instead, which they did. His promise was to the Levite and nobody else, so I guess it makes sense in the society they’re living in that he would do everything he could to protect the Levite man and not his servants.

ATTITUDE ( Judges 19:20-21 ): I do need to work on having a more open heart towards strangers, Father. In this verse, the old man approaches the Levite man, who is a stranger to him. After a very brief conversation he decides to take them into his home for the night so they have a place to stay instead of sleeping in the town square. This is a VERY open heart towards strangers. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be that open to strangers, but at a minimum I do hope to open my heart more than it currently is towards them.

COMMAND ( Judges 19:30 ): I see the last part of this command as a valuable command that I need to do better at embracing in my life. You say here “think it over, discuss it, and speak up!” How often in my life do I fail to think things through? How often in my life do I fail to discuss things with another spiritual brother or even my wife? How often in my life do I fail to speak up? All three of these apply to me personally, because I fail at all three quite often throughout my life. Remind me to do better with these, Father.

EXAMPLE ( Judges 19:30 ): I find these last 8 words of this chapter to be a great example to live by. You tell us to “think it over, discuss it, and speak up!” How amazing is that advice for everything in our lives? I definitely need to do better at living in this example in my life so that I may glorify You through all of my thoughts, decisions, and actions. I should not be walking this life alone, so I need to remember that You, my spiritual brothers, and my wife are always there for me to speak with anytime I need advice on something.

*DAILY NOTE: Thank You for such a great quiet time today, Father. I really like the ending of this in verse 30 and how those 8 words directly relate to so much in my life. I must get better at thinking things through (think it over). I must get better at reaching out to my spiritual brothers, wife, family, and friends (discuss it). I must get better at speaking when I feel driven by You to do so (speak up). Thank You for the great words of wisdom, Father. Help me to embrace this mentality fully in my life so that I can honor You in a clear, spiritual manner throughout everything I am and do in this life.



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