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Quiet Time in Judges 2


SIN (verse 19b): In the very end of this verse, You state that “they did not turn from their evil practices or their obstinate ways.” I feel this also applies to me in some cases as I am still living in my old practices/ways in many ways. I’m still a smoker, I still judge people at times in unrighteous ways, I don’t truly live in obedience to You throughout all things that I am, and I tend to fall back into my old mentality every so often. This is not what You called me to do nor is it what I feel the path for my life from You dictates. Please forgive me for this, Father. I ask You to not let Your anger to be released on me as it was on the Israelites in this example. Although I am a LOT better in my faith than I was, I ask You to help me become even better and stronger, Father, so that I may truly glorify and honor You in all that I am and all that I do in this life.

PROMISE (verses 20-21): Although Your promise about the promised land was fulfilled, You had an additional promise in mind if the Israelite generations had simply remained faithful to You. Instead, they chose to worship other gods and essentially fully turn their backs from You. This led to Your additional, hidden, potential promise to never be made nor fulfilled as You lifted the protections off of the Israelites and turned Your back to them just as they turned their backs from You. Is this a forever turn away, Father, or are You with the Israelites nowadays? Is it possible for the generations following the Israelites in this scripture to regain Your protection through obedience and commitment to You or is that lost forever? Help me to understand this more, Father.

ATTITUDE (verses 11, 19): The future generations of the Israelites did not know You as their fathers and ancestors knew You. Unfortunately, this led to them going down the path of great rebellion and disobedience to You. Help me with my attitude towards ensuring You are always in the hearts of future generations, Father. Help me to truly be a living example of obedience to You, so that those generations that come after me in my family will still honor and respect You in their own lives. I know I haven’t been the best father throughout my life, but I pray that I’ve done enough to at least embed a minimum of a mustard seed of true, deeply engrained faith inside of their hearts, Lord.

COMMAND (verses 11-12): Although not directly stated, these verses do imply a command from You. Your people, or at least the future generations of them, were being extremely disobedient to You to the point that You say they “abandoned the Lord.” WOW! They did just sin a little here-and-there; no, they actually abandoned You! Your command that I see revealed to me here is that You simply want us to truly love You, obey You, and for us to never abandon You. We can make mistakes in this life, but You command us to never abandon You. I hope and pray I’ve never made You feel like I’ve abandoned You, Father. I may have been extremely lost in the moment for long periods of time, but ever since coming to faith I do not feel like I’ve ever abandoned You. I hope and pray I am not wrong in my assumption on this, but I guess I will find out on my day of judgment.

EXAMPLE (verses 21-22): I find this example amazing because it just goes to show how You are pretty much always setting up tests for us. Although Your people were given the promise of the great inheritance of land, You did not allow them to drive out ALL of their enemies. At first, this looked to me like You were just providing them with some workers to help them keep things in order and such in their new territory. Based on these verses, however, that is not the case. You left a few groups of “enemies” amongst them for the purpose of testing Your people. If they failed the test, then these “leftover enemies” would be given the power to rise up against Your people and become a “thorn in their sides.” I know I’ve been riddled with many tests throughout my faith, Father. I pray I’ve done at least “okay” on my tests, because I know I am far from perfect. Help me to continue to lean into my faith and even more onto You, Father, so that I may be able to truly reap what it means to glorify and honor You throughout all things in my life.

*DAILY NOTE: Wow! There is so much to glean from this chapter. Unfortunately, a lot of it has to do with tests, punishment, abandonment, etc. A lot of negativities here from the perspective of the Israelites, but a lot that I can learn from their actions. I am not only to try and be obedient and faithful to You myself, but I am also to try my best to imbue the same attitudes amongst the future generations. Help me to be better with this, Father, no matter how, why, or what. Help me to bring those who are beginning to abandon You back into Your good graces. Help me to truly be a righteous man living in the identity Christ provides me, so that I may fully abandon the one this world has placed on me. Thank You for today’s amazing quiet time, Father. I am extremely grateful for this chapter so far even though I was extremely hesitant at first to even go into it for my quiet times.



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