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Quiet Time in Judges 4


SIN (verses 6-8): Just like Barak in these verses, I too have let myself experience doubt and fear throughout my faith. I have felt many times on my heart Your guidance for me, yet sometimes I have been fearful of making those changes in my life or doing those things You want me to do. Please forgive me for my disobedience and distrust in You at times, Father. I know that You only seek what is best for me and that You would only command me to do things which glorify Your kingdom, but I do still struggle with my flesh at times. This is what holds me back every now and then. Help me to be stronger in my faith and a better man for Your kingdom, Father.

PROMISE (verse 7, 16): You made a promise to Barak and his army that You have already claimed victory of Sisera’s army. Barack just needed to take the steps necessary, as You instructed him to do, before the promise would be fulfilled. This promise is made in verse 7. Although he was hesitant at first with going forward with the instructions, he did eventually follow-through. Then in verse 16, You fulfilled the promise You made to him by allowing his army to defeat the well-equipped and plentifully manned army of Sisera. Amazing promise being fulfilled here, Father, even after he was obviously afraid and had some doubts.

ATTITUDE (verse 9): Help me embrace an attitude of pure faithfulness and trust in You, Father. Here, I see Deborah is the new judge of Your people. When Barak approaches her, she reminds him of the task You have instructed/commanded him to do. Barak, in his fear and doubt, says that he will only do these things if Deborah accompanies him into the battle. In her faithfulness and trust in Your promise, she has no issues immediately responding with an acknowledgement that she’ll accompany him. Without her, Your promise to Barak would not be fulfilled because he would have never proceeded with the battle in the first place had Deborah not accompanied him. Sometimes we are put into positions to help others with their God-given instructions/commands, not our own. We simply have to listen to Your direction for us and follow You to the best of our abilities. Help me to be this vessel in my life, Father, so that I may help others receive fulfillment of their promises in this life just as Deborah had done here.

COMMAND (verse 6): This one is quite simple to point out in this scripture, because You literally say You have commanded Barack. The command itself is that Barack would take his army of 10,000 men to defeat Sisera’s army who had 900 iron chariots. I am assuming this is quite a bit because Barack’s army expressed fear and doubt of their own ability to win the battle as a result of these iron chariots. Even though You had commanded them to do this and promised them victory, they still were hesitant. It wasn’t until Deborah agreed to accompany them that they began to pursue the victory in battle You had already claimed for them. Help me to hesitate less and follow more when it comes to the direction You are guiding me, Father.

EXAMPLE (verses 4-9): I think I already hit on this quite a bit today, but Deborah’s example of no fear and pure trust/faithfulness in You is an amazing example to live by. She likely also knew about the iron chariots that Sisera’s army possessed and how it would be an almost impossible task for Barack’s men to defeat Sisera’s army on their own. Thankfully, Deborah knew of the command and promise made directly from the Lord, so she had no fear going with them to war. She knew that with just the men that the battle would be nearly impossible, but since God has already claimed victory she has no fear because she knows that God always speaks truth, so why should she doubt Him? Help me to doubt and worry less in this life, Father. Help me to be more like Deborah in this moment.

*DAILY NOTE: Such an interesting chapter, but what I also find interesting is that a woman in those times (2,000 years ago) was chosen by You to be a judge for the Israelites. I would not have thought that they would have accepted a woman in really any spiritual leader role, yet here is Deborah taking the reigns as an actual God-appointed judge! How amazing is that?! I guess it goes to show that history isn’t as black-and-white as we often like to think it is. Thank You for revealing this to me today, Father, and thank You for this great discussion we have had today. I’m still a little lost at times, but I know that if I try my best to keep Your light in my sights, then I will never be lost. I may be moving slower than I should be or have my eyes closed for a few, but I am never lost whenever I seek Your light. Thank You, Father!



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