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Quiet Time in Judges 7


SIN (verse 10): Today I am reminded by this verse that You often put people in our lives to reinforce what You tell us, but also to give us strength, courage, and wisdom from You. I must admit that this goes against my normal, Father, so I have not leaned on the spiritual men You’ve placed in my life as much as I should be. Help me, Father, to do better, but please forgive me for not using the resources You’ve placed in my life according to the way You want me to. I feel like I have wasted so many resources You’ve given me, but at the same time neglected to properly help others around me in Your ways. Please forgive me for both, Father, but also help me to be stronger and more courageous for my spiritual brothers as well as lean on those You’ve placed in my life more frequently, Father.

PROMISE (verses 2, 7): I find these verses to be interesting. Gideon has well over 30,000 men ready to fight for him to defeat the Midianites as You have promised. You tell him that this is far too many men, however, as it would be too easy for him to defeat them as such and glory would not be brought to God’s kingdom as a result. Through some tests, You dwindle his army down to 300 men! From over 30,000 down to 300! Less than 1% of his total resources are what You promise to Gideon is all that he needs to defeat the Midianites, but also to bring glory to Your kingdom! This is such an amazing promise because it shows that You can do amazing things with very little. You do not need a vast army of thousands to bring defeat to another because You have already claimed victory. You want a small army to do this because You know how our human brains process things, so You want to make sure a point is made in the process. You promised Gideon that victory would come and You assured him that less than 1% of his total forces would be used to do so! Such a powerful promise, but also a great testimony to how much You can do with only a little.

ATTITUDE (verse 15): Gideon was likely quite a bit nervous here, so You provided an opportunity for him to be reassured and strengthen with encouragement. When he received the additional encouragement, Gideon did something that I do lack in at times—he bowed down in worship to You! Although I do pray often and I do worship You, I do not do either of these nearly as much as I should be doing. Help me to fully embrace an attitude of worship into my heart, Father, so that through all things that happen to me and those around me in this life I can see You in it all, but at the same time I feel in my heart the want and need to worship You and give praise to You! Help me to embrace this fully in my heart, Father, but also to be consistent with it so that I do not slack off in worshipping You throughout my life.

COMMAND (verse 9): You always seem to require some action step(s) whenever You are making us a promise or when the time comes for fulfillment of the promise. I find that the words “get up” tend to be used quite a bit when it comes to Your promises for us. This isn’t a suggestion, but rather a command to Your followers who want the promises fulfilled in their lives. When I feel You are giving me a promise of something it isn’t just handed to me freely; I need to “get up” to take an action step just as You’ve commanded Gideon here in this verse amongst many other people in many other verses. Help me to abide in this command, Father, so that I “get up” to take action on the things You’re wanting me to do in my life.

EXAMPLE (verses 9-11): These verses give a great example of how well You truly know us. Without even hesitating after You commanded Gideon to take on the Midianites army with only 300 people, You then told him that if he is afraid then he needs to seek out his servant, Purah. This isn’t because Purah is the key to victory, rather that You are using another follower in his life to relay to him the strength and courage You are freely giving him. Sometimes for me it isn’t enough that I read some scripture or hear a great sermon of encouragement. Sometimes I actually need another brother in Christ to come alongside me and encourage me along the way. You know this, which is why You used Gideon’s servant as the reinforcement of encouragement from You. Thank You, Father, for the great brothers and sisters in Christ You’ve put in my life. I know that they are all there for a reason from You. I also know that I definitely need to lean on them far more often than I have been for spiritual wisdom and encouragement.

*DAILY NOTE: Such a great quiet time today in Judges 7 giving me encouragement and wisdom through Gideon’s journey in defeating the Midianites. Thank You for today’s quiet time, Father. I ask that You continue to remind me that I have spiritual brothers in my life that I can lean on when I am feeling discouraged, weak, or even afraid just like Gideon in this scripture. I walk out in this world today knowing that I cannot do this life by myself in the ways You want me to, but with the encouragement, support, and wisdom from You and the spiritual brothers You’ve placed in my life I can surely do a LOT better than I would be able to on my own. Thank You for the great conversation today, Father. I am truly blessed by Your wisdom.



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