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Quiet Time in Judges 9


SIN ( Judges 9:19 ): I find the beginning of this verse is speaking to me. He says “if then you have acted faithfully and honestly…” Have I acted faithfully and honestly in my life since coming to faith? That’s a rhetorical question, Father, as I already know I have not. If I did, then I wouldn’t have a sin confession for You every single quiet time. Please forgive me, Father, for my unfaithfulness and dishonesty at different times throughout my faith. I know I am not perfect, but I also know You love me far more than I can even comprehend. Someone who loves another THAT much should never have to deal with any unfaithfulness nor dishonesty. Help me to truly love You back the way You love me, Father. Help me to understand what it actually means to love someone unconditionally as I feel I have failed at this so much in my life.

PROMISE ( Judges 9:56-57 ): Although these verses speak of a curse which Jotham place on Abimelech and the men of Shechem, is this not essentially also a promise from You to them through Jotham? Based on the verses, I’d say so. These two verses say God turned back on Abimelech and God also returned all the evil of the men of Shechem. It didn’t say Jotham did nor did it say that it just happened like this. I see this as a promise fulfilled. You warned them in previous verses of this scripture that if their actions were in faithfulness and honesty, then they’d have nothing to worry about and all praise and glory be to God. Here they are, however, destroyed because the promise You made them was fulfilled as they were clearly dishonest and unfaithful in their actions.

ATTITUDE ( Judges 9:19 ): This verse is really speaking to me today. Honesty and faithfulness are what You are harping on at the start of this verse and it seems to run rampant throughout the rest of this chapter. I do struggle with faithfulness and honesty, Father. Honesty with You, honesty with those around me, and even honesty with myself at times. I struggle with faithfulness towards You at times as well. Help me with both of these attitudes, Father. Help to point me in the right direction of maintaining righteous attitudes of honest and faithfulness. Help me to never stray from these too far or not at all in the future, Father.

COMMAND ( Judges 9:19 ): I must admit that I struggled a bit to find a command in today’s scripture, as I was trying to avoid this particular verse for another portion of my journal. I guess I need to stop resisting the Holy Spirit, because my eyes and mind kept bringing me right back to this verse. This is obviously a command in this verse as You want us to remain faithful and honest towards You. This sounds quite simple, but with me I am very flawed and weak. I tend to give into my fleshly desires and the worldly way of living far often than I should. This is not how You’ve commanded me to live, however. You want me to be faithful and honest towards You, yet how can I do that if I’m being faithful towards my flesh and the world as well as dishonest just in general at times? Help me to truly embrace this command in my heart, Father. Help me to live a life of faithfulness and honesty towards You first and foremost no matter what my flesh and the world wants from me.

EXAMPLE ( Judges 9:7-20 ): I find Jotham’s Parable, as the HCSB version calls this section, an interesting read. He first used a forest example, something that likely even a kid would understand. This example story he gives is one which paints a picture of honesty and faithfulness without actually using those words. It tells the story of Abimelech and the men of Shechem without actually using them in the story. This gives a great preface to the real story which follows in the second half of the parable as it paints a perfect mental picture for those listening to Jotham speak. Sometimes we need to observe the painting being made while a story is being told before we truly understand the moral to and implications of the whole story, just like when I used to watch Bob Ross as a child.

*DAILY NOTE: The story of Abimelech, Jotham, the Israelites, and the men of Shechem is a fascinating one, but likely one that could be told about many various kingdoms that have risen over the years. Abimelech did not rise up as a ruler because he was the rightful heir nor because he was the chosen one from God. He rose up because of deceitful words, deceitful practices, hatred, greed, lies, dishonesty, unfaithfulness, and murder. He rose up in very similar ways as so many other rulers who took advantage of a situation and used it to take the reigns of power. What they all always forget, however, is that You are ALWAYS the one true King of everything. Although You may allow us to do certain things in certain moments, eventually those negative things we partake in will eventually come back to get us. Thank You for such an amazing testimony, Father, but also for such a great focus on Judges 9:19. That first part of the verse gives an amazing testimony to exactly what You are looking for from Your followers, which I have obviously been lacking in for so long. Help me be better, Father.



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