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Quiet Time in Malachi 2




SIN (verse 14): I do still feel guilty about the things I’ve done in my marriage against my amazing wife, which You have blessed me with. I have been mean at times, I have cheated on her, I have held things against her for an extended period of time that she’s done against me even after speaking to her empty words of forgiveness. In this verse, You are telling me that I should not ever act treacherously towards my wife as You have blessed me to a covenant with her as my marriage partner. I have been working intently on this over the last year since joining the Real Men 300, but I do know that I have a lot of work to do in order to become a more Godly wan and husband for her. Help me to stay steady on this path, Father, so that I can continue to “make up” for the mistakes of my past by truly embracing and becoming the new, born-again identity that Jesus has blessed me with, Father.


PROMISE (verse 2): Although this verse You say is for the priests, I do feel as though You are speaking a promise to me as well. You tell us that if we do not listen and do not take it to heart to honor Your name, then we will be cursed as a result. I know I have struggled with this quite a bit throughout my life, Father. I know I have not always honored Your name and I am sorry for that. I do hope and pray that as I continue to embrace this new identity and restoration You’ve blessed me with, that I no longer make the mistakes of my past so that I can truly embraced the positive side of this promise.


ATTITUDE (verse 14): Thank You for the reconciliation You’ve provided to my marriage, Father. I would definitely be divorced right now if it weren’t for You and I am greatly appreciative for that. I am grateful for all of it, but am also a bit cautious because I know I am weak and have made repeated mistakes in the past even after promising myself, You, and my wife that I wouldn’t. Help me to embrace an attitude of consistency in my relationship with You and my wife, Father. Help me to also embrace an attitude of peace and joy towards my wife so that I no longer delve back into my old ways.


COMMAND (verse 2a): At the start of this verse, I feel You are giving two very clear commands, even though they are in relation to a promise You are making to the priests. The commands revealed to me here are to listen to You and take it to heart to always honor Your name. I have struggled with truly living in and embracing both of these commands since coming to faith, Father. I have not always listened to You up until recently. I have not always given honor to Your name and held that honor deep into my heart since coming to faith, either. Please help me to be better at consistency with these two commands, Father, so that I may be pleasing to You.


EXAMPLE (verses 14-16): The marriage covenant is something that I have been lacking in throughout my entire life, even since before coming to faith. I did not have any positive examples of marriage growing up as my father was an abusive, drunken, adulterer, resulting in my parents getting divorced at a young age for me. My mom was always at work and never remarried, so any semblance of a marriage example was extremely corrupt and negative. Help me to be better in my marriage, Father, so that I may truly embrace it as a covenant from You as well as embrace my wife as my true, God-given life partner. Your way, as proven over the last year of my commitment, is ALWAYS far better than my way and the world’s way, so please help me to learn more about and stick to Your way of marriage, honoring my wife, and respecting Your covenant.


*DAILY NOTE: I guess I still have more work to do in my marriage, my relationship with my wife, and my issues that I’ve had over the years in my marriage. You’re bringing this up for a reason, so please help me to digest today’s lessons and convictions so that I may truly bring healing and restoration in my marriage to the point that we are both walking in Your will with each other instead of separately. Thank You for today’s lessons and convictions, Father. Please continue to teach me what it truly means to be a Godly man and Godly husband, Father. Continue to provide me examples of where I need improvement, where I’m doing good, and where I’m doing the complete opposite of what You expect of me. I don’t know what to fix if I don’t know where I’m doing well and where I’m still doing wrong, so I am open to and willing to accept all of the wisdom and convictions You have for me, Father. Thank You for today’s lesson. I look forward to what else Malachi has in store for me, Father.



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