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Quiet Time in Matthew 18




SIN (verse 27): I have failed in many ways in my life, even since coming to faith. One major failure of mine, unfortunately, is in the topic of compassion towards those who have wronged me. The slave in this scripture owed a massive debt to his master, which he was unlikely to ever be able to fully repay even in a lifetime back then. The master, however, showed compassion towards this man and his family by forgiving the debt owed. How often have I been wronged in my life in various ways and instead of showing compassion towards them, I instead decide to hold a grudge or completely remove them from my life? Far too often. Please forgive me for my frequent lack of compassion in my life, Father. Forgive me for often holding onto resentment, anger, and even hatred at times towards those who have wronged me instead of showing them the compassion You have shown to me quite often. Help me to be better at fully embracing the compassion You’ve shown towards me so that it overflows out of me towards others in my life, Father.


PROMISE (verse 35): Your promise here is so powerful, but also one that I often forget to live by; or I guess maybe refuse to out of my rebellious attitude at times. Your promise is that for those of us that do not truly forgive our brothers from our heart, that we will also receive punishment for our unforgiveness. I have had a lot of unforgiveness over the years. Fortunately, I have gotten through and passed much of that recently thanks to the group of Godly men You have placed into my life. Do I still hold onto some unforgiveness? Unfortunately, yes I do. Is the weight of unforgiveness on my shoulders far less than it was this time last year? By FAR thanks to You, Father. Thank You for not only revealing to me this promise, but also in helping me to be better at living in an attitude of forgiveness in my life, Father.


ATTITUDE (verses 15, 32-33): There are two key attitudes from today’s scripture that I must be better at embracing in my life—forgiveness and mercy. I already spoke pretty in-depth on my unforgiveness issues, so I just ask You to help me to be better at walking this life with a constant attitude of forgiveness so that I no longer fall victim to the pain, suffering, and weight which unforgiveness inflicts on me and others. As for the attitude of mercy, I must admit that I do fail to walk with an attitude of mercy in this life at times. It doesn’t happen frequently as far as I can tell, but when it does happen I often and giving those around me a bad representation of God’s kingdom. Please help me to be better at embracing an attitude of mercy in my daily walk, Father. I do not want to bring shame or disgrace to Your kingdom in the way that I represent You. Help me to show mercy and compassion to others in the same way You consistently show both to me.


COMMAND (verse 35): I find this one verse not only to reveal a promise, but also a command. They are both related to each other, of course, but also the command is quite direct. Your command here is that we are to forgive one another fully from our hearts, else the promise of punishment will come to fruition for our unforgiveness. I am guilty of often giving “lip service” to the words “I forgive you” when I have spoken forgiveness towards others. Here You command our forgiveness to be from our hearts, however. I cannot give lip service to forgiveness in this life. I must truly, fully, and deeply embrace any forgiveness I seek to give all the way into the core of my heart. You know my heart and just because the world may hear the words “I forgive” come out of my mouth, You see in my heart that those words sometimes did not have true forgiveness backing them. Help me to be better at this, Father. Help me to no longer “save face” in a sense by forgiving with my words if I am not ready to do so with my heart.


EXAMPLE (verses 10-14): This is such a powerful parable as it reveals exactly how valuable I am to You. If a shepherd has 100 sheep and he notices that a single one goes astray, he searches intently for that one while leaving the 99 behind. Even though he still has 99 more sheep that are not lost, he is deeply concerned for that one sheep who is lost. This directly relates to You as You are less concerned about the followers who are not lost as their faith is strong. You are concerned about those who are lost, because their faith is having issues at the time. Thank You for revealing to me how valuable I am to You, Father. You didn’t just leave me astray when I was lost. Instead, You actually sought me out intently in order to rejoice in finding me and bringing me back to Your kingdom; restoring me to You. I am valuable because You said I am and I am grateful for the value You have placed on me, even if at times I struggle to find my own value in this life.


*DAILY NOTE: This chapter covers so many topics that have been a struggle of mine throughout my faith but also throughout my life in general. We spoke about forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and even my value to You. I am far more valuable to You than to anything or anyone in this world, to include myself. I am grateful for that as I do struggle at times to find value in myself, but leaning on You throughout those times has quickly restored my feeling of being valuable to You, which is what matters most. Thank You for revealing to me the importance of forgiveness, mercy, and compassion in my life, Father. You have showered me with unrelenting forgiveness, mercy, and compassion, yet I have struggled to share those things fully with others at all times. Continue Your works in me to be better at all of these in my daily walk, Father. Thank You for the amazing conversation we had today, Father, and for the emotions and convictions You’ve brought up in my heart today.



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