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Quiet Time in Matthew 26




SIN (verses 11-12): A woman came up to Jesus and poured some rather expensive oils on Him. The disciples were upset because they saw it as a waste, instead of seeing into her heart as Jesus did. All they could see was the oil’s value in currency instead of it’s spiritual value in the prophecy. I have often looked wrongly at various things being done around me in this life. I also see the negative, worldly side of it instead of appreciating the spiritual value in what was being done. My kids, for example, may try to do something out of the kindness of their hearts, but make a mess in the process or something like that. Instead of seeing the amazing intent behind the act, I simply see the mess they made and get upset. Please forgive me for often having my fleshly blinders on, Father. Forgive me for often defaulting to being upset instead appreciative. Help me to be better at seeing into someone’s heart instead of only viewing what’s on the surface, Father.


PROMISE (verse 74): Jesus made a bold promise to Peter about his betrayal, although Peter immediately denied that he would ever do something like that. Jesus knows better than we do, however, so He knows exactly how things will play out based on our heart. Although I do have the free will to make decisions on my own, God knows the past, present, and future and he also knows what’s deep in my heart. Jesus’ promise about Peter was fulfilled rather quickly, because shortly after Jesus was arrested, Peter was put in the position to deny Jesus three times. That wasn’t it, though, Jesus also said that Peter would do these three denials before the rooster crowed and what happened quickly after the third denial? A rooster crowed and Peter immediately remembered what Jesus had said, which caused him great sorrow. Not only did Peter lie to Jesus saying he would never deny Him, but he essentially lied to himself as well. He knew deep in his heart, I’m sure, that he was not as strong when approached in that way of the potential for death, yet he felt the need to keep up the strong exterior even for Jesus whom already knew how things would go down. If after all the years of experiences I’d had with Jesus at that point and He told me (Peter) that something was about to happen, then I would have zero issues believing Him. Then the question would be does it need to happen due to prophecy or is this a lesson from Jesus instructing me to lean on God for strength through those harsh times, like John did many times every time he was beaten, jailed, etc.


ATTITUDE (verses 30, 36, 39, 42, 44): Jesus fully embraced an attitude of praise and prayer. I am not there, yet, but I am becoming stronger in both, I feel. Even just before Jesus was about to be arrested, which He knew was happening, He wanted to sing psalms to praise You and wanted to be in prayer pretty much the entire time leading up to the arrest. I wish I knew more details about what was said during these somewhat final prayer moments of Jesus, because I’m sure they were extremely powerful and emotional while giving all praise and glory to You as always. Help me to truly live in and embrace attitudes of praise and prayer, Father. I may not ever be at the level of Jesus, but I’m grateful I am no longer at the level of the old Filip in my praise and prayer life. Help me to continue to get better and not regress, Father, so that I am always fully devoted to living in attitudes of praise and prayer.


COMMAND (verses 25, 35): Although these two verses are not commands from You, they do reveal to me a truth about promises. Judas and Peter made bold promises directly to Jesus that they both likely knew they wouldn’t keep. Well, Judas definitely knew at this point he wouldn’t keep his and Peter was likely feeling some convictions in his heart about everything that was about to happen. Either way, this is a remind to me that whether to You or to those around me in this life, I should not make promises I know I will be unable to keep, just to ensure my exterior image to those individuals remains strong and worthy. If my interior does not match my exterior in this life, then You are not pleased and it is Your opinion that matters the most to me. Help me to follow this guidance, Father, so that I am slowly but surely becoming the man that is pleasing to You both on the outside with my actions and words as well as the inside with my intentions and thoughts.


EXAMPLE (verses 7-13): The lady pouring out oil on Jesus’ head is a great example of good intentions that may be viewed horribly wrong from an external point of view. I can only imagine the number of times which things I’ve done with the most pure and joyous intentions may have come off a completely negative way. I can only imagine the number of times I myself have viewed someone else doing/saying something and immediately struck them in some way instead of pausing for a second to allow You to reveal the true nature of their actions/words. Help me to be better at spiritual discernment, Father. Although the disciples were lacking in spiritual discernment in this exact moment, Jesus did not falter and immediately used this as a lesson for them. The disciples were upset, yet Jesus was pleased with this lady’s actions and even said that her act in that moment would be remembered forever. Praise Him!


*DAILY NOTE: This is the beginning of the end for Jesus’s ministry here on earth while in the flesh. I am sad and upset that mankind put Jesus in this position and through the horrendous things they ended up putting Him through. At the same time, however, I am grateful that prophecy was fulfilled here, because if it wasn’t then we would still fall under the old law and I would have almost no chance in making it into Your kingdom. I would be like the camel trying to make it through the needle, just as You mentioned. Thank You for opening my eyes about intentions vs perceptions in the lady and the oil example, Father. I do need to get better at understanding and appreciating the intentions behind what people say or do through the Spirit instead of often automatically delving into my fleshly defaults. Thank You for today’s conversation, Father, and for the great lessons You are teaching me through the amazing testimony of Jesus’ ministry and sacrifice while walking this life alongside us.



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