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Quiet Time in Matthew 28




SIN (verse 17): I can’t even fathom those who walked with You before the resurrection still having doubts even AFTER the resurrection when they saw You again, yet there were still those who doubted. If I had walked with You in the flesh, saw all the miracles You performed, witnessed You crucified, and then 3 days later witnessed You return just as You foretold, I don’t think I would have ANY doubt in my mind, yet here You say that some STILL doubted. I am not fortunate enough to have been alive when You walked in the flesh and revealed Yourself to many after You were resurrected. I do struggle with doubts at times, but every time I struggle with doubt, You do reveal something to me or allow something to happen to show me that You are always with me. Please forgive me for my occasional doubt, Father. Forgive me for often being like those here and having doubts about my faith, sometimes You, and sometimes even Your truth. I know this is me allowing my flesh, the world, and the enemy to take reign over my thoughts instead of keeping them focused on You. Help me to be stronger in the moments, Father, so that I do not struggle with doubts anymore.


PROMISE (verse 6): The ultimate promise for my eternal salvation has been fulfilled! An actual angel even testified to the Mary’s about it being fulfilled, just as Jesus told them. How amazing would that be to be in the presence of an angel whom allowed me to see them and they tell me the promise Jesus spoke of many times has been fulfilled, so He is no longer in the tomb they were standing near. An empty tomb is there because Jesus is resurrected! Thank You Father for Your amazing promises and the fulfillment of those promises. Without this promise being fulfilled, I would be a lost soul struggling to live this life more than I already am.


ATTITUDE (verses 10, 20b): There is one attitude adjustment here in verse 10 and then the reason why at the end of verse 20. I love how You had Matthew close out this chapter and the book as a whole. It is an extremely powerful closing and a great reminder that I should be speaking to myself daily. The attitude adjustment I need to make is to not be afraid. I do live in fear at times based on various situations, but You tell me here to not be afraid. Then You follow that up at the very end of the scripture with the reason why by telling us to ALWAYS remember that You are with me always, to the end of the age. I have no reason to be afraid because You are always with me through all things…ALWAYS!! I have no reason to think I need do any of this alone, because You say right here that You are always with me, therefore I am never alone. You are my strength, my shelter, my joy, my peace, and my wisdom. Help me to be better at no longer living with an attitude of fear in this life, Father, so that I may always see You near me and lived in Your strength and peace to overcome any fears my flesh or the enemy may try to stir up.


COMMAND (verses 19-20): Your command here sounds like something quite simple, yet this has been a big struggle of mine likely due to my confidence issues in speaking Your truth. Your command is to go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe everything which You have commanded and reminded them that You are always with us. Help me to be more confident in my testimony and Your truth, Father. Help me to be more confident when I am speaking to others about You. Help me to be better at speaking Your truth instead of my own words to them, Father. I do struggle with allowing You to speak through me in those moments as I want to be in control all the time, so please help me with that as well so that I may be better equipped to follow this command as situations arise.


EXAMPLE (verses 11-15): I really don’t know what I would have done if I were in the situation of these guards. They had no reason or background to believe in Jesus at the time; they were simply there to guard the tomb until told otherwise. They were literally just “doing their job” when an amazing miracle happened. The earth shook immensely and a bright angel appeared in front of them, able to open the tomb by themselves and release the resurrected Jesus from it. Absolutely a life-changing and mind-altering experience. They did as they were supposed to do as soldiers and reported all of the events up to their chain-of-command. What did their leadership do? Bribe them to shut up about it and tell a false narrative instead of the truth supposedly for their own protection. The soldiers agreed to this, taking the money and passing along this false narrative as they were instructed to do. How can you be a witness to something so powerful right in front of your own eyes and not feel a different kind of way about things? How can you just nonchalantly go forward in life telling lies about your testimony when you have something that MASSIVE to speak to? Like I said, I don’t know what I would have done in their exact situation, but I would hope that this situation would have been a catalyst for some amazing changes in my life.


*DAILY NOTE: The book of Matthew has been absolutely amazing for me. I love the way Matthew portrays Jesus’ story and the way You had him write it all out. He absolutely spoke to my heart over the last 4 weeks going through Matthew in my quiet times with You, Father. Thank You for today’s lesson on the resurrection of Jesus and the amazing things that happened on that day. I do not know where You will have me go tomorrow, but I am happy with where I am at today and the progress I’ve made through Your wisdom and teachings, Father. Thank You for everything!



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