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Quiet Time in Matthew 3




SIN (verse 8): This verse speaks loudly to me this morning not because of repentance, but because of John stating for them to produce fruit consistent with repentance. Although I have been true to heart with the vast majority of my repentance moments, especially recently, I do take pause and wonder if I am truly producing fruit consistent with that repentance. Am I truly repenting if the fruits I’m producing do not reflect such? I do feel like I am producing some fruits consistent with repentance, but I do not feel like I am “all there” yet, unfortunately. Please forgive me for not always producing fruits consistent with my repentance, Father. Forgive me for often repenting internally, but not following through with that repentance fully in my life to be able to produce the fruits of repentance. Help me to be better at matching my actions with my words thoroughly as I repent for the mistakes of my past, present, and future, Father.


PROMISE (verse 17): I really do love the promise made here. When Jesus was baptized by John, John was hesitant because he knew exactly who Jesus was at that moment without any doubts in his mind, so he felt unworthy. Jesus assured him that it had to be done this way, so he went forward with the baptism, of course. Once baptized, the promise that was made was directly from the heavens in You stating that Jesus is Your beloved Son and that You take delight in Him! Not only must I, as a follower of Jesus, embrace this promise, but I must be able and willing to fully live out this promise in my life just as John did here even before hearing these words from Heaven. Help me to be better at embracing Jesus fully in my life, but also in taking delight in Him through all things just as You do, Father.


ATTITUDE (verse 11): I really love how much humility John shows towards Jesus even before Jesus began his ministry once baptized by John. John literally said that he isn’t even worthy to take off His sandals. Something as simple and basic as that and John says he’s not even worthy of doing this simple act for Jesus. That goes to show just how deeply John understood the importance of Jesus and the righteousness of Him as well. Help me to fully embrace this attitude of humility in my life, Father. Help me to truly respect and honor Your Son as much as John did in this moment. Help me to fully embrace an attitude of respect, honor, and humility towards Jesus throughout all facets of my life so that as I walk in this crazy world, He is glorified through all things and not myself.


COMMAND (verse 2): Repentance is something that You tell us multiple times throughout scripture is a very important part of our faith, however I have been hesitant to giving into true repentance quite often since coming to faith. In this one verse, John tells us that we are to repent because the kingdom of heaven has come near. Repentance isn’t just something I should consider as a follower of Yours. Repentance is something that I should truly embrace in my life regardless of what the world may say about me, because my relationship with You matters most. If I follow this command of repentance, then I am truly showing You just how much I care for You and just how much I appreciate You through my actions and not just through my words. Just like any relationship, if I want to express how much I care for the other then I should be willing to make changes in my life that are pleasing to the other. If I am not willing to make any changes in my life to please You, then am I truly accepting of You in my heart? Thank You for the remind of this command today, Father, but I ask that You continue to be patient with me as I continue to lean more and more on Your strength for all the changes You’re wanting me to make in my life. I am weak by myself, but I know that with You I am strong.


EXAMPLE (verses 13-14): John’s humility and obedience to You always amaze me. Jesus Himself has approached John for baptism. John initially refused because he recognized exactly who Jesus was and did not feel worthy to be the one to baptize Him. Instead, he offered to be baptized himself by Jesus because that was all he was worthy of. Jesus assured him that the baptism through John was a necessity for His righteous path, so John showed obedience by following through with this request. Thank You for John’s faithfulness, obedience, and humility reflected in this example, Father. Thank You for speaking to me through this very short chapter in Matthew and showing me how I can live through John’s example of humility through all things in this life.


*DAILY NOTE: Another day in conversation with You and another amazing scripture to learn from which speaks to my heart. Repentance and humility were the two main topics of today’s conversation and I know why. I have struggled with both throughout my entire life, even since coming to faith. I have struggled with even repenting to others in this life whom I’ve made mistakes against as well as repenting to You concerning the sins I’ve committed. I have struggled with humility pretty much my entire life because I try to put on this front all the time of confidence, which tends to frequently come out as being overly prideful in the flesh throughout my life. Please continue to convict my heart on these matters, Father, so that I can become better over time as I truly go through the healing, recovery, and restoration that only You can provide.



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