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Quiet Time in Matthew 5




SIN (verse 28): This verse weighs heavily on my heart as I have been like this for pretty much my entire life. Although I have gotten FAR better as of late, Father, I do still find myself falling into this sinful trap every now and then. Do I catch myself nowadays? Yes, so I guess that’s improvement, but I wish I could just stop doing this altogether and permanently, but my flesh is weak and it seems that lust and sexual temptation are a weakness of mine that I find the most difficult to truly release to You. Please forgive me for both my lack of true repentance in this topic, Father, but also for my lustful nature overall. I know that You say that even one who lusts over another with their eyes and mind has already committed adultery in their heart and I am sorry for this. I do not want to be “that guy” that is caught ogling over another woman ever again. I know with You this is possible, but I also know that in this world with my upbringing, this is a difficult one for me to overcome. Help me to be stronger over this weakness of mine, Father. Help me to no longer live in a lustful mindset so that I may be done with all of these lustful thoughts that occasionally creep into my mind.


PROMISE (verses 11-12): Your promise here is one that is rather difficult to accept at times, but also one that I know from experience is quite true. You tell us that we are blessed if we are persecuted and/or insulted because of You. You tell us that we should be glad and rejoice over these moments, because our reward is great in heaven. I should never weigh my faith by the world’s standards or by how effective I am at appeasing the world through my faith, because You promise me here that I will likely face some type of persecution, insult, or affliction as a result of my faith in this life. Your promise is that none of the worldly stuff like that matters, because as a result of me going through things like that I will reap true rewards in heaven. I must remember to endure through my faith, regardless of the curve balls the world may throw at me in this life.


ATTITUDE (verse 43-45): I don’t know why I have struggled with this for so long. I used to have the most joy-filled, caring, and loving heart for the first half of my life. Then over the course of the last 10-20 years I have changed so much to the point where my heart had hardened, making it very difficult for me to not only experience and accept love in my life, but also to share love with those around me. Help me to be better at fully embracing and walking in an attitude of love in this life, Father. Help me to be the one that loves and prays for ALL, instead of “nit-picking” my way to determine who I “feel” like sharing that love with at the moment. Help me to always walk in a way that glorifies You and exemplifies the love You have shown to me, so that it pours out onto others and all they see is You through me.


COMMAND (verses 33-37): This is a lot of verses for a single command, but I feel that all of it works together as a great example of the command You are giving to me here. Essentially, You are telling me to stop making promises and oaths, even to You. You are telling me to instead be a man of my word; that if I say yes to something, then a yes is a yes. If I say no to something, then a no is a no. Your command here is quite simply to stop making promises and instead be a man of my word through faithful and consistent actions that directly relate to my yeses and noes. Continue to remind me of this command in those times that I may falter, Father. Although I feel I am a pretty good man of my word in the vast majority of situations, I ask that You please continue to build me up in this way so that even in the smallest, slightest things that I give my word towards (both yes and no) that I still stick to it. It’s easy to go against my word when it’s something small, so I ask that You help me with consistency in this matter, Father.


EXAMPLE (verses 14-16): I really do love the example and mental picture You give here of how we are to be the light of the world through our faith. If I were to turn on a light or light a lamp, I don’t immediately cover it up. Rather, I ensure it’s in a place the gives the best benefit towards shining it’s light on as much as possible. You tell us to be the light of the world, not so that we can be the bright light shining everywhere, but so that as we are traversing through this world, Your light and goodness are shown through us; You are glorified in all the we do. Help me to be a better light for Your kingdom in heaven, Father. Help me to be the one who goes out into this world and glorifies You through me with my actions and my words. Help me to show others Your goodness, Your love, and Your compassion in a world that is lacking quite a bit of all of these things.


*DAILY NOTE: Jesus’ sermon on the mount has always spoken to my heart, but in vastly different ways over the years. Sometimes one part jumps out at me and sometimes others. This morning, I find myself reading through the sermon on the mount and hearing Jesus speaking directly to me. I find myself truly living in the moment of Him speaking this sermon to all those people many centuries ago. I find myself actually hearing You speak instead of just reading the words that are written in my Bible. Thank You for today’s conversation, Father, but also thank You for helping to heal my heart and open my ears to many things I’ve been missing out on over the years. Although I am sorry for the many mistakes of my past, I would likely not be where I’m at today in my relationship with You had it not been for those mistakes. In my weakness, You have made me strong. Through my mistakes, You have showered me with Your love and Your grace. Thank You for never leaving me, Father.



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