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Quiet Time in Matthew 6




SIN (verse 34): I do struggle with worry quite a bit in my life, Father. Is this due to not fully trusting in You or is it due to my own need for control and realizing that I have none? I’m not sure, but what I am certain of is that I definitely worry quite a bit. Please forgive me for my worrying habit, Father. Forgive me for worrying about today, tomorrow, the next day, and so on. I worry so much that sometimes I even worry things into existence. This is not how You’ve called me to live this life. You’ve called me to focus on one day at a time with fully trust and obedience in You regardless of what occurs each and every day. I am still learning, Father. I am still working on my mindset changes. Please continue to remind me not to worry so much and to have full trust and obedience in You, but also to release control to You for all things that happen in my life.


PROMISE (verses 14-15): Your promise is a powerful one as well as a convicting one. You promise here that if we forgive the wrongdoing of others then we will be forgiven of ours; however, if we do not then we will not be forgiven. This is such a powerful promise as well as a frightening one. Have I truly forgiven the wrongdoings of others in my life to the point that I am truly forgiven of my own wrongdoings, Father? I surely believe so for the vast majority of the wrongdoings against me, but for some reason I feel like I am still lacking in this topic. Help reveal to me, Father, where I am still lacking in unforgiveness. Help me to release any unforgiveness I’m still holding onto even today, so that I may truly live in and embrace this promise of forgiveness from You, Father.


ATTITUDE (verses 2-4): You tell us to give in a way that we do not seek worldly glory or rewards for ourselves. I do feel like I live in this way the vast majority of the time, but I do still struggle with living in this attitude of humble and silent giving. Help me to be better at embracing this attitude, Father, so that when I do see an opportunity to help another through giving, I do not do so for my own benefit. Help me to remember that You have called me to share one another’s burdens, which includes sharing my wealth, time, and skillset, which You have blessed me with, to others in a way that glorifies You throughout and does not shine a light on me.


COMMAND (verse 1): It seems that humility is a hot topic in Matthew 6. Right at the start of this chapter, You tell us to be careful that we do not practice our righteousness in front of people for the purpose of being seen by them. How often in my life have I done a “good deed” with the hope and expectation that others see me doing it, Father? How often have I done this even in my own marriage? I go to clean the dishes or do the laundry with the expectation of a reward from my wife or something like that. I may not struggle in the same way that the Pharisees and such in their public proclamation of their donations and prayers, but I do struggle in my own ways with this command. Help me to be better at simply doing what You want me to do without trying to “show off” what I’m doing or trying to bring glory to myself through the act, Father.


EXAMPLE (verses 25-26): I love these two verses here, because it shows me what my value is in this life by Your eyes, but also reminds me that I need to stop worrying about things in this life. You compare us to the birds of the sky and how even though they don’t grow plants, store food in barns, etc., that they are still fed. Then You finish this example with a statement saying, “Aren’t you worth more than they?” Sometimes I have found it difficult to believe that I am worth more than the birds in the sky, but You always remind me that I am worth far more than them in Your eyes. Thank You for revealing to me and remind me of my value to You, Father. Thank You for always doing what You can to build me up to feel the value You place on me, even though I often struggle to truly live in and embrace that value on a daily basis.


*DAILY NOTE: Forgiveness, humility, obedience, trust, and self-value; these are all topics that I need to work on as well as the “core” topics You harped on today in Matthew 6. Thank You so much for revealing so much to me today, Father. Thank You for the amazing topic of conversations You’ve walked me through today as I try my best to be a better man in this life for You, for my wife, for my kids, and for those around me. Continue Your works in me, Father, so that as I take the next step in this life, it is led by the light You are shining on my path and not by the deceptive darkness this world and my flesh tries to lead me towards. Thank You for all You have done, are doing, and continue to do in my life, Father. All the changes, healing, and growth I’ve made over the last year or so could not have been done without You and I am so grateful.



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