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Quiet Time in Philippians 1




SIN (verses 15-19): Wow! To be honest, I never really truly felt convicted on this topic before reading these verses. I have often felt angst and maybe even a little dislike towards so-called “Christians” who are proclaiming Jesus as their Lord and Savior but not doing it in a way commensurate to how the Bible tells us to. In these verses, however, You make a great point that puts it into perspective for me, but also convicts my heart for the way I’ve been thinking and sometimes acting towards them. You tell us “what does it matter?” What You mean by this is, if they are still proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world, then at least Jesus is on the mantle and being shared with others. Although they may not be living the way You want them to, who really is? I know I haven’t been, so who am I to judge them when I can’t even get my spiritual journey in-line with Your will for my life? Please forgive me for this judgment, angst, and sometimes dislike towards others who are at least proclaiming Jesus’ name and getting His name out there to the world. Forgive me for my often “greater than thou” mentality towards them in thinking that they shouldn’t be proclaiming Jesus in their way instead of my way. Your way is always better and if Paul realized that someone proclaiming Jesus’ name in any way as long as it’s as their Lord and Savior, then that is a blessing and I should not be the one to criticize them for praising and sharing Your great name!


PROMISE (verse 6): Although this is direction towards the Philippians, I feel as though this is a promise to us all who are believers and followers of Jesus Christ. Paul tells them that he is sure that He who started a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus’ return. How amazing is this promise? We are assured that even through our own personal struggles, through our own regressions, through our own sin and rebellious nature that Jesus will continue to do His good works in us all until the day of His return! Thank You, Father, for such an amazing promise as I do occasionally lose hope and motivation a little when I do not see the progress of Your good works personally, but I do know that Your vision is far greater than my own. My rewards may not be in this life or even for me directly. The works You’re doing in my life may not even be for me directly. If I can make a single impact to someone’s faith life who then holds a purpose great than my own, then You are glorified through my faith and I am grateful for that.


ATTITUDE (verses 9-11): There is so much to learn from just in these three verses on how I should be living out my faith. Paul tells us that his prayer for the Philippians is that their love for Jesus will keep growing in knowledge and every type of discernment, so that they can live in a pure and blameless way for the return of Christ filled with the fruit of righteousness for God’s glory and praise. Help me to embrace the Spiritual growth You’re giving to me in my life, Father. Help me to embrace an attitude of love, spiritual knowledge, spiritual discernment, joy, and spiritual purity. Help me to walk in a way that always glorifies You and gives praise to You through all things I experience in this life, Father.


COMMAND (verse 27a): Such a bold statement to make to us at the beginning of this verse. You tell us to “live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” Although I have been a believer for about a decade, now, I have not truly been a follower that entire time unfortunately. I have lived in my flesh and sin while taking in Your word, Your truth, and Your counsel as head knowledge. I failed often to move that head knowledge into my heart, so that I truly embrace it in my life and am willing to apply it in my spiritual journey. Thank You for this reminder, Father, that I must live my life in a way that is worth of Your gospel of Christ. Help me to be better at following this command in my daily walk, so that I know longer imprison Your truth, Your word, and Your counsel as head knowledge for myself and never actually allowing it to move to my heart for life application.


EXAMPLE (verses 21-26): This is such a powerful example of the struggles I face on a daily basis between my flesh and my Spirit. Even the great apostle Paul delt with this internal battle on a daily basis. He said that he is pressured by both. He said that although living in the flesh would produce fruitful work for himself, he desires to depart from that and be with Christ which is far better. He yearns to advance the progress of himself and others in their faith, their joy, and their personal growth in Christ Jesus. Help me to be better at living in this way, Father. Help me to be better at winning these internal struggles I face daily between my flesh and the Spirit You’ve given me. Continue Your good works in me so that when I am around others, my testimony of living out my faith is to Your glory and not diminished by my weakness of my flesh at times.


*DAILY NOTE: A new book to start my quiet time and Philippians is so powerful already just in the first chapter! You blessed Paul in such a way that I feel he is often speaking directly to me most of the time and Philippians is no different. Almost all of this chapter hit directly at my heart and I am very grateful for the lessons You have provided today and will continue to provide to me in the remaining chapters of Philippians. Thank You, Father, for being timeless in Your word in a way that even 2,000 years after Paul wrote these letters, they still touch my heart in the present day as-if he’s speaking directly to me. Your way of talking to us and teaching us is so timeless and always relevant. Thank You for this conversation today, Father. Thank You for all You are doing in my life and for the amazing teacher You are. I am truly blessed to be a follower of Your perfect Son, Jesus Christ, and a child of the most perfect Father, You!



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