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Quiet Time in Romans 11




SIN (verse 25): Far too often in this life, I live in conceit, Father. Conceited in my own ways, conceited in my own opinions, and conceited to the point that I think I am always right even if what I’m thinking may go against Your truth. Please forgive me for my selfishness and conceited nature, Father. Help me to be better at living a humble life where I do not “need” to be right all the time. Help me to not get angry when others do not accept my opinion on things, especially when what I am saying aligns with Your truths, Father.


PROMISE (verse 6): WOW! How clear, straight-forward, and absolutely amazing this promise is for us, Father! Your grace is sufficient and if we try to attain Your grace through works, then the grace is no longer grace. Help me to truly embrace Your grace, Father, so that I no longer think that I must “do things” in order to be blessed with Your grace, love, and comfort. I know Your grace is sufficient, but I often find myself trying to do things to “earn” it, when You have already freely given it to me.


ATTITUDE (verse 8): It seems that I also suffer from a frequent attitude/spirit of insensitivity in this life, Father. I used to not be like this, but through all the trials in my life I have allowed myself to slowly but surely lose my sensitive nature that I used to have many years ago. Help me to return my sensitive attitude and nature back to my life, Father, so that I can truly bless others with sympathy and empathy. Help me to recognize when I am being insensitive quicker, so that I can go to You for help in getting out of that rut. Help me be a better man in this life, Father, especially for my wife. She means so much to mean and I have been lost and broken for so long that I have forgotten what it means to have a sensitive nature in me. I know You are the almighty healer and I am asking You to help me to become a better man for my wife and family in this life, so that I can glorify You and lead them properly for Your kingdom.


COMMAND (verse 36): This one verse is so powerful. It speaks to me on so many levels and I am so grateful that You have revealed it to me during my quiet time with You today, Father. In this verse, You give us so many commands. You tell us that all things are FROM You. You tell us that all things are THROUGH You. You tell us that all things are TO You. Last but certainly not least, You tell us that ALL of the glory goes TO You FOREVER! Help me to embrace these commands in my daily walk with You, Father. Help me to remember that all things are from, through, and to You and that I need to give all praise and glory to You through all things in this life. Thank You for such an amazing and powerful verse, Father!


EXAMPLE (verses 33-36): What an amazing example You’ve given me through this “Hymn of Praise” written here. The example here is how we are to live in relation to You. We are not in Your mind, we are not Your counselor, we have not given to You first and should never expect repayment for the things we do give to You. This last verse especially shows exactly how I am to be living in this relationship with You, Father. You say “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.” That is so powerful and so convicting at the same time! Thank You for this amazing verse, Father, and for the example it provides to me on how I should be praising and glorifying You for everything and through everything.


*DAILY NOTE: The book of Romans just keeps on digging into me and my ways of living in this life. Thank You for being so straightforward and blunt with me, Father, as this is exactly what I needed today. I have been struggling, but Your words, teaching, counseling, and encouragement in Your scripture keeps me moving forward towards and on Your path. When I falter, please help me to stay strong and to quickly get back into Your will for my life, Father. Please continue to remind me where I am weak and what I need to work on, so that through You I become a better man for Your Kingdom. All glory to You forever, Father!



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