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Quiet Time in Romans 12




SIN (verses 17-18): Coming at me pretty directly and hard today I see, Father. These verses have been a constant struggle of mine throughout my life as a whole and even since coming to faith. Have I gotten better since coming to faith? I’m not really sure I can answer that question because I honestly do not know, but I feel I’ve probably stayed stagnant or gotten worse up until very recently. Please forgive me, Father, for often feeling the “need” to repay evil with evil. My evil is usually in the form of anger, which is definitely not living at peace with everyone. Help me to live with a calm and peaceful heart and mind so that I can glorify Your will in these verses, Father. Help to cleanse me of this anger I often feel the need to “default” to in my life.


PROMISE (verse 2): This promise is also a big part of our Real Men Reality statement and I’m so very grateful for it, especially now that I know which verse this part links to. The promise here is that if we release our dependence on this world and give ourselves fully to You, that we will be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We will be able to discern what is the “good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.” Thank You so much for this promise, Father, even though I have failed to fully allow its blessings into my life. Help me to be better at accepting Your promises and blessings in this life, so that I may glorify You while I am still here.


ATTITUDE (verses 9, 12, 21): There are so many verses in this chapter that relate to a change of attitude for me specifically, but these three verses really stand out to me. Help me to no longer live this life in a hypocritical way, but instead live in a way where I cling to what is good. Help me to no longer live with an impatient attitude, but instead live in patience even through affliction as well as be persistent in prayer. Help me to no longer be conquered by my evil ways and attitudes by repaying evil for evil, but instead help me to lean on Your goodness in my life so that my attitude becomes one with Your will for me and we can then conquer the evil in my life with good.


COMMAND (verses 17-18): Not only were these two verses my sin confession, but I feel they are also a very direct command. You tell us to not repay evil for evil and to always try to do what is honorable in those moments. You tell us to try our best to live at peace with everyone at least from our side of things. I know for a fact that these commands are tough to live by because I myself struggle so much with them. Help me to be better, Father, so that I may glorify You in all that I am and all that I do. Help me to struggle less with these commands, so that I can live this life moving forward in a peaceful manner that no longer repays evil with evil.


EXAMPLE (verses 3-6): These verses give such a powerful example of how we are to live together as the “body of Christ” in our lives. We should never live in a way that we think we are better than other people, because each of us have been blessed with a different function and different characteristics to work together for the greater whole. Just as the hands can be used to grasp things, write, and much more, we can’t think that our ears or eyes are any less worthy simply because they cannot do these things. The same applies to other followers of Jesus. Just because one person is not all in or able to fully commit to some type of direct ministry in the church, doesn’t mean that they aren’t still being used for Your good and Your glory in another way. Everyone has their purpose and it is not up to us to try and determine nor force that purpose onto others based on what or how we feel they should be living out their faith. Thank You for such an amazing example and testimony to Your great plan and vision over us, Father.


*DAILY NOTE: WOW! I’m not sure what else there really is to say about Romans 12. This is such a powerful chapter in scripture that gives us so many tidbits of examples, commands, counseling, and teachings for how we should be living our lives as believers. I fail so much at many of these items, but I know from the previous chapters in Romans that Your grace is endless over me, so even in my struggles You still love me, care for me, and want better things for me. Help me to be better at knowing and fulfilling my purpose for You in this life, Father. Help me to be better at aligning with the attitudes You expect of me in this life, so that I may glorify You to others and, hopefully, expand Your Kingdom through those.



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