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Quiet Time in Romans 16




SIN (verse 19a): I have failed many times since coming to faith in obedience to You, Father. I keep wanting to fulfill my own selfish desires in this life, but then find myself yearning for more afterwards. You would think that I would learn my lesson through the unfulfillment, but I have struggled so much with my disobedience. Please forgive me for this, Father. Forgive me for often leaning more towards my own selfish and fleshly desires instead of towards Yours. Help me to be better at not only discerning between the two, but also in actually choosing Your will over my own. Better yet, help me to slowly but surely align my will with Yours so that anything I want to do according to my own will is exactly what You expect of me.


PROMISE (verse 25): In this verse You remind us of a promise You have made to us many times, yet for some reason I struggle with accepting this fully in my life. You promise us that Jesus has all the power needed to strengthen us according to Your will. I struggle with continually trying to lean on my own strength for accomplishing things in this life, expecting amazing results yet often being disappointed. When I do lean on You for strength through something, I am amazed at what I can accomplish when I lean on You through it all. Thank You for this promise, Father. Help me to be better at my consistency in leaning on You more often through this life’s challenges.


ATTITUDE (verse 19b): I am really horrible at embracing a spirit and attitude of discernment in this life, Father. Help me to be better at discernment between good and evil, as You tell us here. Help me to truly embrace Your spirit of discernment so that I may walk, live, and breath an attitude of discernment in my faith walk in this life. I know that with Your help I can do better with this, so I just hope that I can get out of my own way so that Your wise counsel to me can truly dwell in my heart.


COMMAND (verse 17): Quite a simple command, yet I also fall prey to this quite often, unfortunately. You tell us to watch out for and avoid those who cause dissensions and obstacles contrary to Your word and Your truth. I think my biggest problem with this is that I am not knowledgeable enough and not confident enough in what I know about you to truly combat them so I easily fall into their traps. Help me to be better at understanding Your word and more confident in discerning Your truth versus things that are contrary to the doctrine You are teaching me.


EXAMPLE (verses 17-18): This example has plagued our society and faith for longer than I can even fathom. Even before Jesus’ walk on this earth, these verses reigned true as the old “law makers” for the Old Testament served their own “appetites” as You say here. Nowadays it’s more widespread and known solely due to how connected we are as a world today. Having television, the internet, social media, and many mechanisms for sharing our thoughts has made it quite easy for someone to twist Your word and Your truths for their own benefits, such as “prosperity gospel.” Help me to be better at discernment in this life, Father, so that I do not fall into these many traps. Help me to not be drawn in by “smooth talk and flattering words” so that I can decipher what is actually being said and whether or not it aligns with Your truth.


*DAILY NOTE: There is so much turmoil, sin, weakness, and negativity in this world nowadays.Even though I have a passion for IT as a whole, I know the enemy can use anything to deceive us if he wants to.Unfortunately, technology has become a vice for so many people to easily dwell in their flesh, their sin, and the world instead of Your will for their lives.Although the methods of sin may have changed a bit as technology has taken over the world over the last several decades, it is all still sin.I pray that You continue to help me resist the worldly temptations that arise through modern technologies.I pray that You continue to work in my heart to show me Your ways are always better than the worlds or my fleshly ways.Thank You for being there for me always, Father, even when I have been resistant to the changes You’ve wanted me to make; even when I have given into my weakness and my flesh over the years.Thank You!The book of Romans as a whole has been an absolutely amazing journey in my faith and I am grateful for all of the lessons You have taught me through this scripture.Continue to work in me through the next scripture You lead me to tomorrow, Father, so that I can continue to grow in my relationship with You.



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