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Quiet Time in Titus 3




SIN (verse 2): You really gave Paul a way of writing that speaks directly to and convicts my heart. He says that we should avoid fighting, be kind, and always show gentleness to all people. This has definitely been a weakness of mine since coming to faith. I often find myself lacking gentleness and kindness towards others when they are doing or saying things that I may not agree with in the moment; this often leads to some type of “fighting” be it with my actions or my words or even me just being angry at them in my own head for far too long. Please forgive me for these, Father, as this is not the person You have called me to be. You expect me to show kindness and gentleness to all people, yet I have failed quite often at this in my life, unfortunately. Help me to be better and continue to push me in the right direction, Father. I do have a big, caring heart for others, but I often get stuck in my flesh and neglect the big heart You have blessed me with.


PROMISE (verse 5): This is a promise that I cling to often, but also often forget to live in and embrace fully in my life. Your promise is that we are not saved by our own works of righteousness, but by Your grace and mercy through the washing of regeneration and renewal by the Holy Spirit! There are no works I can do that will get me my salvation as the works have already been done by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I need to always remember that nothing I do in this life will get me my salvation as You have already given it freely to me through my faith in Jesus. You have also blessed me with a washing of regeneration and renewal through the Holy Spirit, which I am so grateful for even though I have not always embraced the Holy Spirit’s works in myself. Thank You so much for this promise, Father. Please continue to remind me of it, so that over time I do begin to truly live in and embrace this promise fully in my life.


ATTITUDE (verse 3): You remind me here that I too was once foolish, disobedient, deceived, and enslaved by various passions and pleasures. I too once lived in malice and envy, was hateful, and lived in a way of detesting one another. I often forget who I once was versus who You have molded me into today. I am still far from perfect, but I am a far better man for You and for my family than I have ever been and I am so grateful for this. At the same time, I am reminded from this verse that I need to embrace others with Your love and grace regardless of their current situation and mentality, because I was once them. I cannot hold against them something You never held against me. Did I disappoint You at times? Definitely. Did You always remain there with me, providing me with Your love, joy, and counsel in hopes that I would one day recognize my sinful nature and turn from it? Also definitely. You never stopped being there for me no matter what I did in the past and I am so grateful for that. You never stopped showing me how much You cared for me, even in the times I refused to hear it. Thank You for this reminder today, Father. Help me to be better at walking this life in a more understanding attitude, so that as I look onto the sins of others I do not give into my own flesh towards the person that has fallen into temptation or deception.


COMMAND (verse 14): Although You do not expect me to perform good works for the purpose of salvation, You do expect me to perform good works for the purpose of being fruitful for Your kingdom. Even though my salvation is not tied to my good works anymore, thanks to Jesus, my good works are tied to my fruitfulness in this world and could very well be tied to someone else’s salvation. If I am not being a good steward of the blessings You’ve given me and if I am not a reflection to others of the love, grace, mercy, and joy You bless me with daily then I am not being fruitful for Your kingdom. In fact, me failing to do good works to be fruitful for Your kingdom, could actually be a hindrance to Your kingdom’s growth. My good works in this life could be the seed that’s planted for someone else to come to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I do not want to be a hindrance to Your kingdom’s growth, Father. Help me to be better at doing good works and being fruitful in this life for You and not for myself.


EXAMPLE (verses 1-3): This last chapter of Titus has so many valuable examples, but I feel these first three verses are speaking the loudest to me as You essentially give us a practical outline of how we are to be living out our faith. I do often fail to be submissive to those authorities placed over me out of rebellion and disagreement. I do often fail at being ready to do good works for You. I do often fail at being kind, gentle, and loving towards others. You want better for me and You want me to be a reflection of Jesus in this life, yet I often struggle with releasing the grasp I have on my fleshly natures. Thank You for this amazing outline that speaks to my heart, Father. Help me to embrace this example fully in my life so that I do become a better representation of who You are and not who I am. I want the world to be able to see You through me and not my own sinful, fleshly nature.


*DAILY NOTE: This was a short book, but Titus has such amazingly powerful scripture in it. I really feel for what Paul is saying to Titus in this scripture to the point that I almost feel at times as-if he is writing this letter to me. It’s absolutely the similarities I have to Titus, but also the issues I face almost daily that are also addressed in Titus. I know that I have failed quite a bit in my faith. I know that I have not been a very good reflection of Jesus in my life. I also know that I have gotten better as of late and that is all thanks to Your patience with me and the love You have shown me. Thank You so much for the letter to Titus, Father. Thank You for the continued lessons and support You continue to show me on a daily basis. Thank You for the regeneration and renewal that You have given me through the Holy Spirit now that I am finally listening to and embracing the Holy Spirit. Just thank You!



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