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Quiet Time in Titus 2




SIN (verse 2): Am I considered an older man? Is this talking about older in the faith or older in life? I’m not sure of the answers to these exactly, but I do feel convicted by this verse, so I am guessing I am considered an older man in Your eyes both in life and in faith, Father. You tell us that older men are to be level-headed, worthy of respect, sensible, and sound in their faith, love, and endurance. So many convictions of my heart in a single verse. I have struggled quite a bit with being level-headed and sound in my endurance. I have struggled with the topic of respect as I often feel I have already earned it in all situations when that’s not the case. I often have struggled to be sound in my faith and especially in accepting Your love and showing that to those around me. Please forgive me for these, Father. Although I am getting better as of late, I do still struggle at times. I know that You are with me through all things to teach me, convict me, love me, and provide great counsel to me. Continue to teach me, Father. Continue to remind me that my ways are not the ways You expect of me to live out this life.


PROMISE (verse 14): Although I am familiar with this promise as it has been spoken before, the way that Paul lays it out does open my eyes to the promise a bit more. He writes that Jesus gave Himself for us so that we can be redeemed from ALL lawlessness and to cleanse Himself a people for His own possession who are eager to do good works. I am a slave to Christ, yet I have not been loyal to Him through my works as not all of my works would be considered “good” in Your eyes. Help me to truly embrace the fact that I am cleansed by Christ and redeemed from Lawlessness to become one of His people and not for my own good. Continue to remind me that my works are to be good works for His glory and for His kingdom, not for my own selfish desires.


ATTITUDE (verses 9-10): I know I am a slave to You, Father, through my faith and my belief. I know that I have also failed at truly living out as a slave the way You expect me to. In these verses You tell us that slaves are to be submissive to their masters in ALL things as well as pleasing and not talking back. You tell us that we should be demonstrating our faithfulness at all times, so that we may adorn the teachings of God our Savior in everything. Help me to establish a mindset shift more fully in my life, Father. Help me to embrace this slave mentality in my faith, so that when I follow this example it is for You and not for myself. If I am to be a useful and worthwhile slave to Your kingdom, then I must be better at submitting to Your authority, guidance, and wisdom in my life. I am still learning, but I know that Your teachings continue to open my eyes so I am grateful.


COMMAND (verse 1): Right off the top of this scripture, You give us a very direct command. You say that we must only say things that are consistent with Your sound teachings. How often have I spoke out of my flesh instead of out of Your Spirit? Far too often. How often have I tapped into my fleshly emotions instead of Your truth when speaking to or responding to someone in this life? Far too often. I have failed quite often at following this command in my life, Father. I have failed because I am weak and have given into my fleshly self far too often. Help me to be better at embracing Your truth, Your word, and the Spirit that You have blessed me with in my heart. Help me to be better at only saying things that are consistent with YOUR sound teachings.


EXAMPLE (verses 11-13, 15): I love the example You provide us in these verses. You give us a prime example of how we are to act as well as an “until” date. You essentially tell us that we are to live this life in a sensible, righteous, and Godly way until we return to You. You tell us to encourage and rebuke with all of Your authority and to let no one disregard us. What this really means to me is that as long as I am living in this life, I am to be living for You, Your authority, Your truth, Your word, Your wisdom, and Your breath. I am not to be living for my own flesh, selfish desires, nor thinking the breath I take every day is for myself. You have a plan for my life and if I am fully submissive to Your authority, then Your plan will be fulfilled in the way You want it to be. If, instead, I opt to do things my own way, thinking every breath I take is about me, then I will put a hindrance on Your plans for my life. Please help me to no longer be a hindrance on You, Father. Help me to know and to accomplish the plans You have for my life before I am taken from this life and rejoin You in Your kingdom.


*DAILY NOTE: Paul must really have been deep in the Spirit in this letter to Titus. He spoke so many truths, wisdom, counsel, and convictions to Titus in this very short second chapter. It’s amazing how much he was able to fit in such a short letter and I’m so glad I’m able to understand it in the way You’ve spoken to me today. Thank You for revealing to me many truths about myself today, Father. I am still a work-in-progress, but I know that the progress is moving forward and not backward nowadays. I know that I am much further along in my faith today than I ever have been and I must say that all glory and praise go to You for this accomplishment. If You had not remained beside me the entire time I was breaking and broken, then I would have continued to be broken. If You had not opened my eyes to the Real Men 300 when I was ready for it, then I would not have the amount of Godly men in my life to support me as I do today. If You had not revealed to me through this amazing ministry how to have a quiet time and to share my emotions in a healthy way, then I would still be a bitter and angry man who easily snaps at those around him. Thank You for all You have done for me personally, but also through me for the benefit of those around me. It’s because of You that my marriage is being restored better than it ever has been. It’s because of You that I have a better relationship with my children than I ever have. It’s because of You that I am finally breaking all of these walls that I put up over the years due to all of the hurt and pain that I’ve experienced. Thank You so much, Father, for the restoration of my identity in Christ that I’m still learning about and the putting away of my fleshly identity that I have been clinging onto for far too long.



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